Implant Restorations
Implants can be restored several different ways, depending on the location, angulation of the implant, brand of implant, number of implants, number of pontics, and desired result. Most brands of implants can be restored with either a custom or stock abutment.

Cement-retained abutments

Crowns for cement-retained abutments are cemented to the abutment intraorally after the abutment screw has been placed and torqued. Cement-retained abutments can be either digitally designed or stock.

Screw-retained abutments

A screw-retained abutment is an implant restoration where the crown and abutment are provided as a single-piece and is attached to the implant with a screw. Screw-retained abutments for single teeth are usually custom abutments. They can be either custom-cast or digitally designed.

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A "screwmentable" is a hybrid of a cement-retained crown with a screw access hole for retrievability and an abutment. The crown is cemented to the abutment extra-orally, creating a single-piece restoration. Screwmentables are usually custom abutments due to angulation and exit of the abutment screw.

Custom Abutments

Custom abutments are available from several manufacturers. Custom abutments are digitally designed and may be a single piece construction in titanium, gold-shaded titanium or zirconia, or two-piece construction with a titanium interface or base with a zirconia top. You have a choice of materials for the restoration placed on the abutment.

ArgenIS Abutments

ArgenIS precision milled custom abutments are compatible with the leading implant systems such as AstraTech EV and TX, BioHorizons, Biomet 3i Certain, Camlog, Dentsply Friadent Xive, Hiossen, Nobel Active and Replace, Straumann and Zimmer. They are available in titanium, gold-shaded titanium, zirconia. Another option is a Zirconia hybrid abutment with a metal implant interface and a full contour zirconia restoration. This abutment can be provided with an optional Angled Screw Channel. ArgenIS abutments are backed by a limited warranty.

Dentsply Sirona Atlantis

Atlantis patient-specific digitally designed abutments are available in titanium, gold-shaded titanium, and multiple shades of zirconia for cement-, screw- and attachment-retained options. An angulated screw access can be incorporated into your Atlantis abutments to provide additional restorative flexibility. Atlantis abutments are available for BioHorizons, Camlog, Dentsply Sirona, Hiossen, Keystone, MIS, NobelBiocare, Osstem, Straumann, and ZimVie (formerly Zimmer Biomet) implants.

NobelBiocare Procera

Procera abutments are individualized CAD/CAM abutments. They are available in titanium and zirconia in both cement- and screw-retained options. They can also be anodized in the lab for greater esthetic results. Nobel Procera has an Angulated Screw Channel solution which provides additional restorative flexibility. With the ASC you have the option to angulate the screw channel up to 25° in any direction. It provides more restorative flexibility independent of the implant position. Procera abutments are available for all NobelBiocare implants.

Straumann CARES

Straumann CARES abutments are patient-specific abutments with customized emergence profile and anatomic shapes. They are available in titanium and zirconia in cement- and screw-retained options for Straumann and Neodent implants. Gold-shaded titanium is also available for abutments for Straumann implants.

ZimVie BellaTek

BellaTek Abutments from ZimVie (a division of Zimmer Biomet) are anatomic patient-specific abutments and are available in titanium or titanium with gold-colored titanium nitride coating. BellaTek abutments are available for Biomet and Zimmer implants only. The BellaTek Encode Impression System is available for both Biomet and Zimmer implants. Encode cases can be sent to the lab with digital or traditional impressions.

Please see individual implant restoration prescription forms (available through doctor's portal) for pricing and availability details. Prescription forms without pricing details are available on the forms tab.

Implant Supported Dentures

Screw-Retained or Fixed-Detachable Restorations

Sometimes referred to as “All-on-4®”, “SmartFix”, “ProArch” or “Teeth Express”. These are Fixed-Detachable full arch restorations.

Our removable team specializes in complex implant retained prosthetics.  We can provide guidance for these cases from the initial consult to the final seating.  We can consult on your case to determine the best option for your patient based on the oral environment and the patient’s desires. Final restorations can be provided in a choice of materials.

The Screw-Retained restoration can be removed only by a clinician. It is placed on a minimum of 4 implants and secured to the implants with screws. It is designed to be immediately loaded with a provisional restoration that is replaced with a permanent restoration once the implants are fully integrated. This restoration provides patients with a fixed full-arch provisional prosthesis on the day of surgery.

Learn about our Guided Solutions options

Screw-Retained Hybrid (Acrylic/Titanium wrap around)

Screw-Retained Hybrid restorations combine conventional denture teeth with a titanium CAD/CAM frame wrapped in acrylic. Hybrid restorations are available for all major implant systems.

Your first Screw-Retained Restoration case includes complimentary chairside assistance from start to finish for educational purposes. Doctor must be present in the treatment room.

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Full-Zirconia Screw-Retained

Screw-Retained permanent restorations can also be milled from monolithic zirconia. Like the conventional Acrylic & Titanium Hybrid, it is secured to the implants with screws. The All-Zirconia restoration offers increased durability by eliminating issues associated with veneered porcelain, acrylic teeth and acrylic bases. Full Zirconia Screw-Retained restorations are ideal when the interocclusal space is limited. Full Zirconia Bridges can be as short as 3 units and up to a full arch restoration.

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Crystal Ultra Screw-Retained

Another option for full-arch screw-retained restoration is Crystal Ultra™,
a nano-ceramic material that is formulated with a higher ratio of polymers to ceramics, making it the most durable and elastic hybrid ceramic on the market today. Crystal Ultra is the least “clacky” ceramic and is the gentlest material of all the dental ceramics and ceramic hybrids. It offers a hardness which closely matches natural dentition. By comparison, non-hybrid ceramics are harder than enamel, making them less pliable and forgiving, causing an unnatural “clacky” sound and feel when the patient bites down. Crystal Ultra is available for fixed full arch implant restorations only at this time.

Fixed-Removable Restorations (Conus, Bar Overdenture)

Fixed-Removable restorations are implant-retained. While they can be removed by the patient for hygiene, they feel fixed in the mouth to the patient. They can provide proper lip support. Types of attachments include Conus (telescopic) abutments, bar, clip or ball type attachments. Each type of attachment provides varying levels of fixture.

Bar Overdentures

Bars are fabricated of titanium or cobalt-chrome using CAD/CAM methods, and connect to the implants with screws. Protocol for this restoration follows traditional denture protocol. For strength and durability, the restorations may also have a metal framework incorporated in the denture.

Bar shapes come in many different profiles. Pricing is determined by the number of implants and the type of bar profile. Please call to discuss treatment planning options for this type of restoration.

Conus (SecureFit™)

Helm Dental Lab Conus Secure FitHelm Dental Laboratory has created a bundled package for all the services necessary for the ATLANTIS Conus concept and has trademarked it as SecureFit™. The SecureFit™ package includes everything needed to complete a Conus restoration. It provides fully edentulous patients with a cost-effective, implant-retained prosthesis that can be removed by the patient for cleaning. It can be placed on a minimum of four implants with proper AP spread.

Helm Dental Lab Atlantis SynCone capsThe concept includes patient-specific ATLANTIS Conus abutments and prefabricated SynCone caps. The ATLANTIS Conus abutments are individually designed to be parallel to each other and to precisely fit the SynCone caps. The Conus concept is available for all major implant platforms.

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